Meet Professors from HIROSHIMA Graduate School

Dear students,

Greetings from TOP CAREER Study Abroad and Hiroshima University!

If going to Japan to study or work is your dream, this event is for you!

TOP CAREER Study Abroad is pleased to announced that professors from Graduate Schools of Hiroshima University will be visiting Indonesia in MARCH 2017, holding an academic consultation event.

Students interested in the following Graduate Schools are welcomed.

  1. Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences
  2. Graduate School of Science
  3. Graduate School of Social Sciences

We also invite UPI students from following faculties:

  1. Faculty of Science Education
  2. Faculty of Social Sciences
  3. Faculty of Language and Literature Education
  4. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  5. Education Faculty of Economics and Business


Students interested in the HU Graduate Schools and graduating in 2017

Event information

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Date: 15th March 2017, Wednesday

Time: 13:00 – 16:00

Venue: Lavender, Isola Resort Hotel




Important Notes

Professors will not answer any questions related to admission procedure and scholarship during the session. Please kindly read through the following websites and learn about HU again. Contact us if you have any other questions.

Admission information:

Scholarship information:

All participants should be clear which Graduate School cover the research filed of your interest:

Choose your interested major/research topics here:

Walk-in participants are not allowed. Please kindly register in advance.


About Hiroshima University (HU)

HU is a national university established in 1949 and has grown to be a world-class hub of education and research, to foster excellent human resources to contribute to the community, and to developmentally expand science. HU is selected as one of the TOP Global UNIVERSITY, Japanese Ministry of Education program that supports domestic universities to become stronger and more globalized. HU is already beyond many other universities when it comes to globalization: it provides extensive support to international students and offers various courses taught entirely or partly in English, from business to life sciences.

For further information regarding this event, please contact the following:

  1. PIC from TOP CAREER Study Abroad Team
    Ms. Anh
    Line: @qrj5855v Facebook: TOP CAREER Study Abroad
    Whatsapp: +84 934 046 597
  2. PIC from UPI
    Mr. Fachru
    Whatsapp: +62-852-9524-1433

The List of Registered Participant

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1 2016-12-06 00:37:46
Ade Abdul Munir
2 2016-12-06 00:56:57
Fachru Ridha
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Damduan inthavong 
4 2016-12-06 01:26:32
Thipphongphat Manivong 
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Lu Yingxuan
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Wang Qun
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Amadhila Elina 
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Mupita Jonah
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Touavue VUE
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Marie Bathelot
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Maisone Sonesavanh
14 2016-12-07 03:41:01
Mitsuko Kimura
15 2016-12-07 09:57:30
Ngo Thi Thu Ha 
16 2016-12-07 10:20:09
ahmed almokhtar
17 2016-12-07 21:32:08
Zheng Kaixiang
18 2016-12-07 21:34:30
Zheng Yutong
19 2016-12-07 21:36:10
Liang Zhimin
20 2016-12-07 22:22:38
Moses Buyera

Pengumuman Seleksi Sahabat OIER

Bersama ini kami sampaikan 20 pendaftar yang lulus seleksi Sahabat OIER. Bagi rekan-rekan yang tidak tercantum, data rekan-rekan sudah masuk database kami dan akan menjadi prioritas pilihan apabila kami memerlukan peran serta rekan-rekan dalam kegiatan kami. Selain itu kami sampaikan juga bahwa tidak ada seleksi susulan bagi rekan-rekan yang tidak sempat untuk mengikuti tes seleksi. Bagi mereka yang lulus seleksi diharapkan untuk mengikuti orientasi terkait peran OIER dan Sahabat OIER pada hari Selasa 16 Agustus 2016 pukul 13.30 – 15.00.

No. Nama Prodi Fakultas Tes
1 Nabila Nurin Nisa Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FPBS 12 18 30
2 Azhara Aninda Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FPBS 12 16 28
3 Hasanuddin Pendidikan Geografi FPIPS 11 16 27
4 Ilhamsyah Maulana Pendidikan Ekonomi FPEB 12 15 27
5 Putri Hikmatin Nafisah Ilmu Komunikasi FPIPS 12 14 26
6 Muhammad Endriski Agraenzopati Haryanegara Ilmu Komunikasi FPIPS 10 16 26
7 Rizky Rizal Ilmu Komunikasi FPIPS 11 14 25
8 Nabilah Kinanti Putri IPSE FPMIPA 11 12 23
9 Agus Kuswandi Manajemen Pemasaran Pariwisata FPIPS 11 10 21
10 Astria Muzdalifah Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FPBS 11 13 24
11 Tasya Warosatul Anbiya Akutansi FPEB 11 12 23
12 Khairunnisa Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FPBS 12 10 22
13 Annisa Lestari Putri IPSE FPMIPA 9 12 21
14 Cantika Chaerunissa Dwi Ayu Manajemen Resort dan Leisure FPIPS 9 12 21
15 Annisa Puspa Mega Ilmu Komunikasi FPIPS 8 11 19
16 Muhammad Anggara Tenriatta Siregar Akutansi FPEB 7 12 19
17 Setyani Melati Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia FPBS 9 10 19
18 Tri Agustina Pendidikan IPS FPIPS 8 10 18
19 Yos Zani Perpustakaan dan Informasi FIP 10 5 15
20 Khoirunnisa Manajemen Pemasaran Pariwisata FPIPS 8 9 17


Learning Bahasa Indonesia through culinary


A total of 23 foreign students from 8 countries held a Nations Culinary Event or Ajang Kuliner Bangsa-Bangsa (AKBB) 3rd, at the Balai Bahasa, Campus of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 229 Bandung, Thursday (25/2).
“Through AKBB, we build a harmonious synergy to strengthen the bond among nations. The relationship or bond is built through culinary, since the culinary introduced by foreign students is a cultural product of each country,” said the Head of Balai Bahasa UPI Dr. Wachyu Sundayana, M.A.
Those involved are foreign students in the BIPA program who study at UPI, he explained. The BIPA program (Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing / Bahasa Indonesia for Foreign Speakers) was a program of learning aimed to learn the proficiencies of Bahasa Indonesia, such as speaking, writing, reading, and listening for foreign speakers.

Further, he said, UPI put AKBB as a BIPA learning, because in the event they were required to use Bahasa Indonesia to communicate in explaining his culinary products. It was also a means of evaluating or testing the proficiencies of Bahasa Indonesia.

“Particularly in UPI, we not only teach language proficiencies, but also we are encouraged to introduce the culture, because foreign or international students will be only able to communicate well through the studied cultures. One of the cultures studied is displaying their own typical cuisine, because the food is part of the culture, “he explained.

For UPI, BIPA program was a means of strengthening the good relations among nations through the cross of cultures from all around the world, because the participants came from Asia, America, to Europe, such as Korea, Germany, Japan, USA, Australia, Poland, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries. Secondly, this is one of the implementation of UPI visions and missions as a World Class University in Education and a part of UPI strategies for internationalization program. Thirdly, the program is an ‘in country training’ program, learning Bahasa Indonesia along with its cultures which was regularly held once a year. UPI also provided Bahasa Indonesia course for expatriates.
Translated by Ade Abdul Munir

Rector of UPI officially sent 15 internship program students overseas

A total of 15 students of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) undergoing Internship Program (PPL) overseas were present in the Partere conference room for a briefing given by the UPI Rector, Prof. H. Furqan, Ph.D. on Friday (22/01/2016). The fifteen Internship Program students who consists of six students from Dance Education  Study Program, Faculty of Art and Design Education (FPSD), four students from Arts Education Study Program FPSD, one student from International Program on Science Education (IPSE), one student from Chemistry Education study program, one student from Mathematics Education study program, one student from Biology Education study program, and one student from Teacher Primary Education (PGSD) Study Program, will be dispatched on Monday (01/25/2016) and deployed to several Indonesian schools that are located in Singapore and Malaysia.


Approximately three months, they will be trained in forming and developing competence as a professional teacher in their entirety. The purpose of this program implemented is based on the shortage of teachers in Indonesian schools overseas in certain fields. This program has become a regular agenda that is based on the cooperation which has been established since two years ago between UPI and the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, which is currently experiencing growth and expansion into Malaysia.

In his speech, the Director of Academic Directorate, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Dr. H. Agus Taufik, M.Pd., said that the requests from other countries to channel teachers from UPI were an indicator of the trust of the world community towards the competencies possessed by students from UPI. He hoped this program could be realized along with other countries.

In providing the briefing, UPI Rector Prof. H. Furqan, Ph.D., said to the students so that they could prove their professionalism and experience in teaching and learning activities and could promote a national culture of Indonesia while maintaining the image of UPI Alma mater as scientific, educational and religious campus.

“I hope this program can bring happiness for the students and the image of UPI almamater, considering UPI now has been recognized in its quality of the source of the teachers and has widely sent the representatives, particularly in the field of education to build a better education considering the practice of the educational processes at UPI substantially and pedagogically in fact is more complete compared to the other countries, “said Rector UPI.

Rector also hoped this program became an answer related to the issue of education quality in Indonesia, which he said was still left behind in movement. (AY)

Translated by Ade Abdul Munir

Hyupsung University starts to make several collaboration with UPI

2016-02-02_HSU (1)

Two delegates from Hyupsung University (HSU), South Korea, Prof. Jung Inwhan, Ph.D., and Soo Chul Ko, Ph.D, visited Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) to discuss the technical aspects as a follow-up from the MoU between two parties. In the meeting, the delegates from HSU explained several matters to be agreed, such as Joint Seminars, Korean Language Courses, and Seamaul Studies.

For the Joint Seminars, the seminar will be held in the summer for three days on a biennial basis. It consists of a one-day seminar and a two-day cultural tour. Each party will be able to send two presenters and max. eight visitors. The proceeding of the seminar must be published and the publication need to be printed. The topic of the seminar will be chosen based on public interests.


Meanwhile, the Korean Language Courses and Seamaul Studies (the establishment and management of Seamaul Department) need to be discussed further since they are related to the agreement of the study period and credit equivalence, admission system, and Joint Degree (study transfer in the early of third year + 2 more years for Bachelor Degree).

The meeting was attended by Dean and Vice Dean of Faculty of Language and Literature Education of UPI, the Section Head of International Program Implementation of UPI, and the Head of Korean Language Education Study Program, , and the Head of Public Relations. (Dodiangga)

Photos by Firman
Translated by Monica Prilly Aditya

Design Vernacular Exhibition Presents International Designers

2016-02-02_PAmeran Desain

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) in collaboration with Communication Design Association of Korea and supported by Korean Culture Center will host a design exhibition entitled “Vernacular Design”, on Tuesday, 2 February 2016 in National Museum of Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Dr. Setiabudhi Street No. 229 Bandung.

The design exhibition will present the works of designers from Korea, Indonesia (represented by the lecturers from Faculty of Art and Design of UPI), and some other countries.
The exhibition is expected to strengthen the relationship among the nations, especially between Indonesia and Korea, as well as can also be appreciated by public as a part of learning. (Deny)

Translated by Ade

UPI Sent Nine Language Assistants to Australia


2016-01-28_Guru BAntu (2)Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) through the Office of International Education and Relationship (OIER) sent nine language assistants who will soon be teaching at various schools in Victoria, Australia. The ceremony was held in University Center Building, 1st floor on Thursday, January 28, 2016.
This program is a collaboration between Indonesia University of Education and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria held regularly every year. The ceremony was led by the Head of OIER, Dr. Vanessa Gaffar, SE, Ak and the Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs of Faculty of Language and Literature Education (FPBS), Dr. Hj. Tri Indri Hardini, M.Pd.

2016-01-28_Guru BAntu (1)On the occasion, the Vice Dean of FPBS advised the participants to always keep the good name of UPI as an educational university as well as the name of the nation, Indonesia. The participants must preserve a well attitude so that the cooperation can be maintained for the next year. “Communication must be done with parties that are in Bandung. So, when there is any problem arising, it can be resolved soon,” said Dr. Hj. Tri Indri Hardini, M.Pd.

Alumni of this program had been invited to share the experiences gained previously, one of which is Pia Zakiyah, she said that it was important to prepare both physical and mental conditions because of the cultural differences and the weather that will be faced later. The program should be carried out as good as possible and the participants need to be active in various activities organized by both school and the department.

2016-01-28_Guru BAntu (3)There is an increasing number of participants of this program compared to the previous year, from 3 to 9 people. Participants had been selected through a rigorous selection so that the quality of teaching could be guaranteed. Moreover, the participants of this program are the Alumni of UPI, namely Ari Nursenja Rivanti, S.Pd., Ervina Juliana, S.Pd., and Imam Faisal Ruslan, S.Pd. graduated from Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program as well as Adisti Dwiyani, S.Pd., Ery Adam Primaskara, S.Pd., Hanifa Arlinda, S.Pd., Muhammad Iqbal Brahma Sudana, S.Pd., Neneng Sri Wahyuni, S.Pd., and Vegayanto Abdurrahman Alfikri Ansas, S.Pd. graduated from English Education Study Program. The participants departed from Indonesia on Saturday, January 31, 2016 and arrived the next day in Melbourne, Asutralia. (Aan/Deny)

Translated by Monica