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Meet Professors from HIROSHIMA Graduate School

Dear students, Greetings from TOP CAREER Study Abroad and Hiroshima University! If going to Japan to study or work is your dream, this event is for you! TOP CAREER Study Abroad is pleased to announced that professors from Graduate Schools of Hiroshima University will be visiting Indonesia in MARCH 2017, holding an academic consultation event. […]

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UPI andCFBT Brunei has launched REAL Research Monograph

Bandung, UPI Research English as an ASEAN Language (REAL) Research Monograph has been inaugurated by four researchers of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) collaborating with five researchers of Center for British Teachers (CfBT) Brunei at Partere UPI building on, Tuesday (28/2/2017). “REAL Research Monograph is a monograph of recorded research on the investigation of English language […]

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Eleven international students have completed one month teaching practicum in Bandung

Bandung, UPI 13/2/2017 “The more we live, the more we love”. Three representative international students said their sad farewell in “A Farewell Ceremony of SEA-Teacher Project 2017” at Bumi Siliwangi Building, Campus of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Bandung, Friday (10/2). A total of eleven (11) international students have undergone challenging experiences yet meaningful while doing […]

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Little Footsteps have Brought Katumbiri to Sun Land

Reported by Ahmad Dahidi (The Preceptor of Katumbiri, Faculty of Japanese Education FPBS UPI) IF two hearts have been united, the turmoil of feelings will penetrate the screen of time and space. That is the reality which happens in this life, especially to me since I “fell in love” to art and culture of Indonesia […]

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UPI has sent-off participants of SEA-Teacher and Language Assistant 2017

Bandung, UPI Vice Chancellor of Academic and Students Affairs of UPI, Prof. Dr. Asep Kadarohman, M.Si has delegated 12 students as the participants of SEA-Teacher Project Batch 3 in the Philippine and Thailand, Wednesday (11/1), at meeting room on third floor of UPI’s University Center building. The students participating in this program consist of Dea […]

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VISITING LECTURER: A Valuable academic experiences

A report of Dr. Heny Djoehaeni, S.Pd., M.Si/ a lecturer of Early Childhood Education Graduate School Study Program UPI Having an opportunity to join Visiting Lecturer in National Dong Hwa University,Taiwan was an unforgettable experience. The program that was held as a follow up program of MoU signing between Early Childhood Education Graduate School study […]

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