Applying a New Passport

  1. For those 17 years old and over
  • A copy of KTP (Kartu Tanda Penduduk – ID Card)
  • A copy KK (Kartu Keluarga – Family Card)
  • A copy birth certificate/ education certificate;
  • A copy of marriage certificate
  1. For those under 17 years old
  • A copy of parent’s ID Card;
  • A copy of Family Card;
  • A copy of parent’s marriage certificate
  • A copy birth certificate;
  • A declaration letter from the parent
  • A copy of parent’s passport


Passport Extension

  1. For expired passport
  • The requirements are same with applying a new passport
  • Attach the old passport
  1. For damaged and lost passport

The requirements are same with applying a new passport, with supported documents such follows:

  • For applicants of damaged passport, please attach the old passport
  • For applicants of lost passport, please attach Surat Keterangan Hilang Paspor (Certificate of Loss) from the nearest police station
  • Berita Acara Pemeriksaan (BAP) or Police Investigation Report and relevance documents are sent to Kantor Wilayah Kementerian Hukum dan HAM DKI (Regional Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Jakarta) for a decision
  • The decision can be Approval, Denial, or Delay.