Faculty of Educational Sciences

The Faculty of Educational Sciences cannot be separated from the historical development of UPI since it was one of the departments founded under the Teachers Training College. It became a faculty under Bandung Institute of Teacher Training and Educational Sciences in 1963. With its vision to be a leading and outstanding faculty in the field of education, the Faculty of Educational Sciences has its mission to study and develop educational sciences, both theoretically and practically, and to educate the educational scientists.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences has seven departments:

  1. Education Administration
  2. Curriculum and Educational Technology, consisting of two study programs: Education Technology and Library and Information
  3. Education Psychology and Counseling
  4. Non-Formal Education; Special Needs Education
  5. Pedagogy, consisting of two study programs: Primary School Teacher Education and Early Childhood Teacher Education; and Psychology


Faculty of Social Science Education

The Faculty of Social Science Education was also founded in 1963. Its vision is to strengthen the faculty as an institution that has academic authority in developing social sciences education as the discipline of educational sciences and as an academic basis for the provision of various educational programs. Apart from their involvement in the scientific activities in local, national, and international levels, many of the faculty teaching staff are also actively involved in community services both in regional and in national levels. Some lecturers of this faculty are active members of international professional organizations.

The Faculty of Social Science Education manages the following departments and study programs:

  1. Civics Education
  2. History Education
  3. Geography Education
  4. Social Sciences Education
  5. Islamic Education Science
  6. Tourism Marketing Management
  7. Resort and Leisure Management
  8. Catering Industry Management
  9. General Education
  10. Sociology Education
  11. Communication Science
  12. Diploma (D3) in Survey Mapping and Geographic Information




Faculty of Language and Literature Education

The vision of this faculty is to be an outstanding and quality faculty putting emphasis on the pillars of expertise and professionalism in language and literature. The faculty teaching staff and their educational qualification range from masters to doctoral degrees graduated from national and overseas universities. Some departments are supported by native speakers and some staff members possess special expertise and have gained reputations in national, regional, and international levels.

There are eight departments under the Faculty of Language and Literature Education:

  1. Indonesian Language and Literature Education, consisting of two study programs: Indonesian Language and Literature Education and Indonesian Language and Literature Studies
  2. Sundanese Language Education
  3. English Language Education, offering: English Language Education and English Language and Literature Studies
  4. German Language Education
  5. Japanese Language Education
  6. Arabic Language Education
  7. French Language Education
  8. Korean Language Education



Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education

The vision of this faculty is to be an efficient, productive, and outstanding faculty in scientific development and human resources in the fields of Mathematics and Science Education and Pure Sciences through putting emphasis on the pillars of expertise, professionalism, academic freedom, cooperation, and participation. The faculty staff are the graduates of national and overseas universities. Some of them are actively involved in national and international academic activities. Some of them even obtained outstanding academic achievements, e.g. international patent rights.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education offers sciences education programs:

  1. Mathematics Education
  2. Physics Education
  3. Biology Education
  4. Chemistry Education
  5. Computer Science Education.

In addition, this faculty also offers pure sciences programs:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. Biology
  4. Chemistry
  5. Computer Science
  6. International Program on Science Education (IPSE)


Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education

The vision of the faculty is to become a productive faculty of technology and vocational education which has national and global perspectives and putting emphasis on the pillars of expertise and professionalism.

The Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education covers the following departments:

  1. Civil Engineering Education
  2. Architecture Engineering Education
  3. Electrical Engineering Education
  4. Mechanical Engineering Education
  5. Family Welfare Education
  6. Agro-industry Engineering Education

In addition to the Bachelor Program in the Engineering Education, the faculty has been running a pure science on:

  1. Electrical Engineering
  2. The sciences in Engineering Diplomas (D3): Civil Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Electrical Installation), and Mechanical Engineering (Automotive)


Faculty of Sports and Health Science Education

The Faculty of Sports and Health Science Education has a function to build the fields of sports.  The graduates are directed to become skilled, educated, and integrated physical education and sport teachers.  In addition, they are expected to be coaches, organizers and managers of community sporting activities as well as sports scientists.  In brief, the faculty is committed to producing professionals with strong scientific basis, skills to apply sport science to sporting management and development, and strong personality as educators.

There are three departments in this faculty:

  1. Sports Education
  2. Health and Sports Recreational Education
  3. Sports Coaching Education, consisting of Sports Coaching Education and Sports Sciences Study Programs.

In addition, since 2010 this faculty started to run a diploma program (D3) in nursing with its expertise on Gerontology.


Faculty of Economics and Business Education


This faculty was recently founded in 2008 through the Decree of Rector of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) No. 6067 Year 2008. The Department of Economics and Business used to be the biggest department in the Faculty of Social Sciences Education (FPIPS) considered as the pioneer of the establishment of the faculty. The vision of the faculty is to become a leading and outstanding faculty in the implementation of economics and business education in Islamic-based framework.

This faculty has four study programs in education including;

  1. Economics and Cooperative Education
  2. Business Management Education
  3. Office Management Education
  4. Accounting Education

In addition, the faculty runs three pure sciences study programs, including:

  1. Accounting
  2. Management
  3. Islamic Economics and Finance.



Faculty of Arts and Design Education

Faculty of Arts and Design Education is an integral part of the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia which was officially established on 9 September 2014. This faculty has been striving to achieve its goal to develop and implement the science of arts and design, as well as participate in the internationalization programs by establishing cooperation between the faculty and other relevant institutions.

There are three departments in this faculty:

  1. Fine Arts Education Department
  2. Dance Education Department
  3. Music Education Department



School of Postgraduate Studies

School of Postgraduate Studies (SPs), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) was founded in 1968 and it was considered as one of the pioneers of School of Postgraduate Studies in formal education in Indonesia. The vision of SPs is to be a center of excellence in the dissemination and development of educational sciences and sciences education which significantly encourages the improvement of performance in the national education system.

The School of Postgraduate Studies of UPI runs 35 study programs for masters degree (S2) and 21 study programs for doctorate degree (S3) in:

  1. Education Administration (S2, S3)
  2. Mathematics Education (S2, S3)
  3. Guidance and Counseling (S2, S3)
  4. Non-Formal Education (S2, S3)
  5. Curriculum Development (S2, S3)
  6. Natural Sciences Education (S2, S3)
  7. Social Sciences Education (S2, S3)
  8. Indonesian Language Education (S2, S3)
  9. English Language Education (S2, S3)
  10. General/Values Education (S2, S3)
  11. Sports Education (S2, S3)
  12. Civics Education (S2, S3)
  13. Vocational Technology Education (S2, S3)
  14. Linguistics (S2, S3)
  15. Business Management (S2) & Management Science (S3)
  16. Primary Education (S2;S3)
  17. Economic Education (S2; S3)
  18. Special Needs Education (S2, S3)
  19. Arts Education (S2; S3)
  20. History Education (S2; S3)
  21. Geography Education (S2; S3)
  22. Sundanese Language and Culture Education (S2)
  23. Japanese Language Education (S2)
  24. Biology Education (S2)
  25. Quality Assurance (S2)
  26. French Language Education (S2)
  27. Teacher Education Science (S2)
  28. Pedagogy (S2)
  29. Islamic Education (S2)
  30. Early Childhood Education (S2)
  31. Arabic Language Education (S2)
  32. Physics Education (S2)
  33. Chemistry Education (S2)
  34. Sociology Education (S2)
  35. Education Psychology (S2).