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Academic Partnership with Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep

Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (RMUTK) in Thailand serves its students with various undergrad and graduate programs. The university also provides international education by establishing “International College” with study programs such as accounting, information system, etc. The university also enlarge its network of partnership with various universities in the world. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung conducted […]

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To Be International Students at Suwon City of Korea

Suwon is the largest and capital city of Gyeonggi-Do, a populous province that surrounds Seoul of South Korea. The town is famous as “The city of Filial Piety”. As Samsung headquarters are at Suwon city, the region is highly popular. Hearing the word of “Korea”, it reminds us with popular cultural flows of K-pop and […]

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Lecturers and Staffs from UPI given the opportunity to study in Glasgow

Bandung, March 15th 2018 representatives of University of Glasgow had a visit to Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Dr. Clare McManus, professor from college of social sciences and Dr. Ramona Blanes, Professor from Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow meet with officials of UPI in the Meeting room on the 1st floor of University Centre Building. […]

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Embracing Culture of Indonesia, a Talkshow with International Students of UPI

March 7, 2018 Darul Hikam International Boarding School located in Lembang, held “Culture’s Day 2018” event and invited seventeen UPI International Students. Once the visitors from UPI arrived, the principals, teachers, and students of Darul Hikam greeted all the guests. The talkshow had four international students to share their experiences of living in Indonesia; Dinara-Ukraine, […]

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